Thursday, February 5, 2009

Internet thoughts

I am not an information architect but I have tried to assemble the internet requirements for Neighbourhood Diaries. is the umbrella for the public-facing information and activities. It will also serve as the not-for-profit company and the name of the final location. is the development reservoir for ideas, strategic alliance and sponsorship possibilities. This will be limited access for people who are invited to the core development group. There is no obligation beyond positivity and anything else you can bring to the project when you feel it is appropriate.

Neighbourhood Diaries will accumulate writers and other friends who wish to volunteer and it will be used for interim initiatives such as prototype dates and any future arrangements with the Toronto Board of Education students.

Publishing will be online (hopefully). easy and on demand.

My kids yearn for fellow bloggers with similar interests. This will have to be a secure platform of some sort. Does anyone know how this could be done?

Any other thoughts, suggestions just comment.


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