Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday's Meeting

Thank you for attending everyone.

I would like to invite each of you to participate on this site. Please comment on this post if you have anything from the meeting you would like to share. In the future feel free to post if there is a need to iron out a detail or present an important idea.

All of you heard Jake say it, "I would consider buying a building for the school."

Regarding Damian's call for a name - I'm thinking of calling the not-for-profit company QWERTY TORONTO (My 10 year old son laughed at qwerty, then I showed him what it meant and he laughed again - a good sign I think). Amazingly the domain was available. I'm going to begin planning the prototype for the writing tutoring session on Damian's suggestion.

Robert - there is a possibility we will need to guide the writers in their role as mentors and offer constructive support when the need arises.

Kelly - Gillian, Carolyn and I will work toward a description of the event at Harbourfront and the interim events. Once I establish a date and place for the 'prototype' I will let everyone know. Your assistance would be appreciated. I would like to see this blog as an ongoing gathering place for people who are open to contributing in any way possible.

Here's an interesting video I found on the 826 site.

I have linked the 826 sites and the TED Talks video of Dave Eggers. Have a look, they're very inspiring. I should reiterate, I do not feel that the success of our project is contingent on being part of the 826 concept, that said, clearly we recognize the value of learning from their experiences. I contacted them last year and they were extremely generous with their guidance. I will remain in contact them and it is my intention to get Dave Eggers up here for our opening.

I will keep you informed as things develop.


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interfaced said...

Hi Robin, thanks for inviting me. Here is some ideas from the conversation:

Kids want to be encouraged like you said. There are ways we can show them they are important and that people appreciate their writings

The Bandwagon
If we show all of the people on board, or pretend, we might get some more people who are willing to do it because others have already.

Maintain Connection
How can we have an online start, a physical test run, and online profile, another physical program, back to online, and then a physical exhibition, and then online plan, and then a physical space. Keeping coherence here is key, showing and creating energy around happenings.

You said a big part was that kids would come in and be a bit confused, "this looks like fun", "wait, its school", but wait "it looks like fun". How can we confuse and excite, both physically and online?