Monday, August 6, 2007

A sunrise, a sunset

I am fortunate to have people around me who are kind enough to indulge me from time to time. On this occasion I looked up from my coffee and onto the sky with a need to know how others might interpret a simple idea. Soon after I arrived at my office I sent an email to some friends that read, “What is a sunrise? What is a sunset?”

Quite personally a sunrise is the most natural and glorious reminder of life; a sunset the realization that we are mere mortals in the big picture. Everything in between is 'stuff' that we label, try to control and if we're lucky - understand. Sunrises/sunsets: two sided chameleon bookends.

What is a sunrise? the beginning - hope, aspiration, inspiration, intention
What is a sunset? a pause to reflect and refuel
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. That is where they should be. Now put the foundation under them. -- Henry David Thoreau

What is a sunrise? - A new beginning; a new day; the perfection of this infinite universe.
What is a sunset? - A conclusion; harvest; another day of existence; the dawning of night.

a sunrise to me represents hope for renewal - the experience of being bathed in warmth and seeing things clearly for what they is a time to appreciate what regeneration can is the beginning of another journey called a is the great is promise and possibility....and proof of something is vitality and strength

a sunset to me is a respite.....a small door into is is movement....i can look at a sunset and watch it is the yang.....reward......excitement about possibility.....freedom......contentment....bring on the peace!!!

a sunrise is a promise
a sunset is a celebration

Eggs being tossed in a skillet. They go up, they go down.

A sunrise is a reminder that we are blessed to have the opportunity to love again. A sunset is an opportunity to give thanks for the gifts of the day and to acknowledge ourselves for our contribution.

I had the thought of the world breathing in for a sunrise and breathing out for a sunset.

A sunrise stirs the eyes
That the sunset puts to bed

"Sunrise" and "Sunset" are two things I/you/we can be sure of in life - continuous and infinite!
Certainty is a rare commodity

A sunrise is hope
A sunset is peace

I appreciated the variety of perspectives, the individuality, the courage and commitment in each thought. Time passed and I was curious to know why one of my friends had not responded. I phoned to ask him why, “Where’s your email on sunrises and sunsets?” He said, “You haven’t heard? My mother died.” I paused and I expressed my condolences. Then he added, “And you know what my eulogy will be about don’t you?”

I recently forwarded this story to a new friend who had experienced the sudden death of a close friend and she responded with:
For me,
Sunrises are about starting fresh.
Sunsets are about entering into the eternal--the world of Magic.

“What is a sunrise? What is a sunset?”

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JakeJakob said...

a sunrise, a sunset are one and the same

two faces of a single Janus coin